• 5 Great Gadgets for Father's Day

    29 March 2013

    Father's Day Gadgets

    1. The iPhone Wallet Case:
    Those wonderful mobile phones from Apple are amazing but rather expensive! Protect these technological marvels in this really handy Slimline iPhone Card wallet case at just £10.95, a super gadget gift for Dad. It will hold a Driving Licence as well as credit and bank cards. It closes with a handy magnetic catch. Your chosen form of ID can easily be viewed though a clever little window in the back of the wallet. Suitable for the iPhone4 and 4S.
    2. Fridge Mounted Organiser:
    Where's my car keys? Where's my phone? Where's my wallet? Where's the takeaway menu?.......................  Get your Dad a Fridge Mounted Organiser for a cheap Father's Day gift that will really come in handy. It hangs on the fridge door and has lots of little pockets to keep things at hand. It also has a little clip to hang your car keys on. It is magnetic so can hang on a radiator or a filing cabinet.
    3. Scratch N Scroll Mousepad:
    Sometimes your surfing away on the internet and just when you need to take a written note there isn't a pen or paper handy, it's infuriating! This super Scratch and Scroll Notable Mousepad is a great Father's Day gadget gift that solves the problem. The size of a normal mousepad but with a surface that is able to write on again and again. This is because it retains the written words until you lift the special writing sheet up and this clears it for more notes! We all had things like this as kids and now you are playing with it all over again.
    4. Pocket Fishing Rod:
    Pocket Fishing Rod
    One of the best little Father's Day Gadgets gifts around is the amazing Pocket Fishing Rod. It's just 20cm long but when extended it measures 104cm! It really can be said to be pocket sized. The set includes hooks, lines, reels and floats. It is made of aluminium alloy and is quite simple to assemble.
    5. Intelligent Wine Chiller and Warmer:
    Intelligent Wine Chiller and Warmer
    If your Dad likes his wine then this is the perfect Father's Day gadget gift for him. Wine is best served at the correct temperature and this great device will chill or warm a bottle of lovely vino to the desired temperature. It has an LCD digital control and can be set for Centigrade or Fahrenheit. An alarm will sound when the bottle is ready to enjoy.

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