• Birds of Prey Experiences

    15 April 2012


    Birds of Prey, (Raptors), have been tamed and used by man for thousands of years and these marvellous falconry activities are still very popular even today.
    Nowadays, falconry in the UK makes it possible to get training in the basics of handling and caring for these beautiful birds and get some really relevant falconry information and experience without having to own one of the creatures. Learn many fantastic facts about hawks, falcons, owls, eagles etc and be amazed at just what they are capable of doing. Visiting a bird of prey centre and seeing these magnificent animals up close is such a memorable experience. Their sheer beauty yet awesome killing power is truly amazing.

    Most of the birds now are captive-bred birds of prey and many are trained to do useful work, anything from fantastic flying demonstrations to being an environmentally friendly way to control pest birds. Just the sight one of these raptors can easily scare off hundreds of pests such as pigeons.
    These Birds of Prey Experience Days are held at various locations in the UK and are great value for money. See the birds in flight and watch in awe as they land so gracefully on your gloved fist. For those novices who are curious about falconry or the enthusiast who has some experience, going on one of these experience days is an activity that is so exciting, educational and rewarding. Check it out at

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