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Great Value 18th Birthday Greeting Cards UK

Young people in the United Kingdom used to have to wait until the age of twenty one to be classed as an adult and have the same legal rights as the older population but now it's just eighteen and in some cases even sixteen years of age. So now eighteen is classed as a very important special birthday occasion and it really needs marked with some great 18th birthday cards and gifts.
The giving of cards for 18th birthday goes back many years and nowadays the growing popularity of personalised 18th birthday cards has enabled friends and relatives to send truly unique cards for 18th birthday celebrations. Simply choose your design and upload a favourite photograph, or an embarrassing one! Next sort out the text and then check and double check all your information. You should now have a truly unique card for 18th birthday that will bring a big smile to all who see it.
In the United States twenty one is still the legal age for drinking alcohol in most states but in the United Kingdom eighteen is the legal age. Please take care when drinking alcohol that you do not over indulge and possibly ruin the big day.
Some facts about the age of eighteen:
Tutankhamun became Pharaoh at only 9 years of age and sadly died at just 18.
Leonardo Di Caprio was 18 before his voice broke.
You can serve on a Jury at age 18.
Your brain stops growing at age 18!
Mozart had completed 33 symphonies by the age of 18.

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           Twizzler 18 Roadsigns Birthday Card

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