Paintballing Experience UK

One of the best Team Games around, Paintballing Experience UK is still one of the favourite adventure experiences. Want something different? Try a Tank Paintball Battle for a real blast!

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Paintball Experience Days UK

Paintball Experience Days in the UK have became a firm favourite for office workers escaping the humdrum of their boring jobs to take part in a fast moving, violent, fun-filled team game where they can blast away at their bosses and colleagues without causing any serious injury. A great way to let off steam and have fun at the same time. Workers enjoy it as an entertainment safety valve and a great day out; their bosses like the escapade, as it is a team builder and a social activity outside the workplace which helps build employee moral.

Tank Paintball Battle UK:

For a really crazy day try Tank Paintball Battles for that extra bit of madness; a Paintball Battle using genuine military Tanks!

Paintballing Day Out: This is for sure, one of our most popular Adventure Experience Days available,this is really good for team building and shooting paint at your boss! There are more than one hundred places for Paintballing in UK locations to choose from.

A Short History Of Paintball:

Paintball guns were first developed and used commercially in the early 1970s. These paint filled balls were used for marking trees and livestock with a specially adapted gun.

Then in the early 1980's, a group of friends got together and using these Industrial Paintball Guns they played the first recognised recreational paintball game outdoors in a large field (without any masks or safety equipment!). It soon caught on as an exciting game and quickly became very popular as a new adventure pursuit.

One of the original names given to the new game, that we now call Paintball, was “The National Survival Game.”

Gradually the free for all madness of the popular new activity changed into a team game and rules and safety equipment got their place to make it the fantastic, exciting game it has now turned into. “Capture the Flag” is the most popular of these new team based paintball games.

By 1984 the game had also moved indoors, which made it an all year round activity and thus it was able to keep it's momentum and become even more popular than ever.

Next up came the Professional Paintball Tournaments with many thousands of dollars in prize money up for grabs. The game then spread out from the US and around the world turning into a multi-million dollar industry in just a few short years. These days Paintballing in the UK is massive and it continues to grow steadily.

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