Zorbing and Sphereing Experience

Go Zorbing in the UK with Greatest Gifts. For a crazy, thrilling ride try a Zorbing and Sphereing Experience for something really quite different.

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Zorbing Experience UK with www.GreatestGifts.co.uk

Zorbing, Sphereing, Globe-Riding or Orbing:

Zorbing, Sphereing, Globe-Riding or Orbing are all terms for the fantastic Zorbing and Sphereing experience of getting inside a giant, transparent, flexible plastic ball and rolling about the ground. It is rather like an over-sized hamster ball for humans to play in! There are two main types of Zorbing: harnessed, where the occupants are safely strapped inside the sphere, and non-harnessed, where they are free to move around inside the sphere. The large spheres can carry up to three people at a time. In simple terms, there is one smaller 2 metre plastic sphere inside a larger 3 metre one with an air gap between the two spheres. The air gap acts as a shock absorber to protect the occupants from most of the impacts during the ride. The term "Zorb" was coined by inventors Dwane van der Sluis and Andrew Akeis from Auckland, New Zealand, who came up with the idea in 1994.
The record longest Zorbing distance travelled is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as 1870 feet (570 metres). 
Harness Zorbing Experience Days are located at various locations around the UK. So get safely strapped into the huge plastic ball and travel at speeds of up to 30mph for a great Zorbing and Sphereing Experience Day. Give a gift to a loved one and then go along yourself for double the fun in a Harness Zorbing Experience for Two.
If you aren't afraid of getting wet then try an Aqua Zorbing Experience Day for a really wild, exciting ride. This time there are no straps to hold you in place and the sphere has 30 litres of water splashing around inside to make sure you slip and slide about on your mad and fast 30mph journey down the slopes. Again, this one is even better enjoyment if you have a friend inside with you, so try the Aqua Zorbing Experience for Two and have a really fantastic time.

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