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The exciting activity of Paragliding in the UK is an extreme adventure sport, which requires a special parachute type of canopy that allows the paragliding pilot to manoeuvre the equipment with great accuracy and to fly for hours on end and travel literally hundreds of miles at a time. The pilot is safely strapped into a special harness attached below a large hollow fabric wing-shaped parachute. The fabric is normally a synthetic cloth called Ripstop nylon and is extremely strong with good abrasion resistance, flexible and has excellent drying properties. It is usually coated with silicone or polyurethane or both and this helps it resist stretching, makes the material airtight and helps protect it against UV light. One of the big advantages of paragliding as a hobby is the fact that it can be packed away into a relatively small rucksack and put into the boot of your car or carried on your back if you wish. Those wishing to have a Paragliding Experience Day don't even need to carry a rucksack at all as all the gear is provided on the day, including the pilot! Sometimes people confuse hang gliding and paragliding but they really are quite different. Hang gliders are rigid-winged craft made out of material stretched tightly over a frame and the pilot lies horizontally beneath it. On your exciting Tandem Paragliding Experience Day you will be securely strapped to the experienced pilot for the whole journey and you will never forget it either. The flight can be recorded on video for you to keep as a reminder of the day you took to the skies. Soar gracefully like a bird and look down at the beautiful scenery far below and you will feel wonderful, a little scared maybe, but wonderful none the less. Have a look at our selection of great offers and deals then make your choice and have a great day out.

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