Cookery Masterclasses

Take a look at our range of Cookery Masterclasses. Learn how to make fantastic dishes. Obtain great advice from top professional chefs and ask questions if you aren't sure. So different from the TV shows, you will love the experience. There are Cookery Masterclasses in London and around the UK. Grand Cuisine, Indian, Italian and lots more to choose from.
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Cookery Masterclass Gifts

Its hard sometimes to think of what to make for dinner, lunch or when you have guests coming over. With our cookery masterclasses you and a friend can learn how to make delicious and nutritious meals. Our courses in cooking cover many tastes including Indian, Italian, UK based recipes and many more. Why not choose a course for two people that way you can enjoy and share your experiences!!

We have some great deals on many of our cookery masterclasses including up to 33% off and in some courses we can offer 2 for 1 deals!! A Great gift at a great price!! We offer you the chance to attend the infamous smart school of cooking where you will be introduced to many techniques of cooking within many styles.

Our courses in cooking make an ideal gift for many special occasions-

Birthday gifts

Anniversary Gifts

Thank You Gifts

Or maybe just as a treat to experience a new activity!


So What's on Offer?

All About Cookery Masterclass:

Many of our classes will see you learning and cooking a delicious meal under the helpful eye of Michelin star trained international chefs, in a bright, modern and spacious kitchen. In many of our cookery masterclases you can sample your new found skills in a modern dining room where you can enjoy your food with a complimentary half bottle of wine! Many of the recipes learned within the cookery class are then forwarded via email so you can recreate them at home.


Italian Cookery Masterclasses:

If Italian suits your tastes then this masterclass is perfect for you or for the recipient. Learn to create delicious Italian dishes. Many of our cookery masterclasses include complimentary tea or coffee and biscotti Upon arrival the chef will demonstrate the most popular and well known of Italian dishes, with the making of fresh pasta that you're going to prepare!!  After gaining your new found culinary skills you are invited to dine in a modern and spacious seating area and savour your new delicious creation!! This cookery masterclass includes a half bottle of Italian wine that will compliment your food and after the class is over you will receive a gift which you can take home.


Indian cookery masterclass:

Learn how to create authentic Indian cuisine!! You will be treated to a valuable insight into the history and traditions of Indian food, and will be shown how to mix traditional and contemporary techniques to create a gourmet Indian meal. On tasting of your creation you will be offered complimentary wine and champagne and will receive a token gift as a symbol of your day.


Our cookery masterclass courses are a great gift for someone with a love for cooking, and with the desire to better their skills. It offers the chance to experience something different whilst learning a skill that is sure to impress at your next dinner party. Our masterclasses start at just £99.00 for two people, meaning you can give someone a great unique gift at a great price!!

Enjoy and Happy Shopping



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