Roses For Delivery

We have some really Beautiful Roses for delivery to the lovely lady in your life. Go to for great value Online Roses Delivery to the address of your choice.

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Roses for Delivery

There are few women who don't appreciate getting flowers as a gift and most would just love red roses delivered to their door. Here at Greatest Gifts we have roses for delivery to the address of your choosing. These lovely roses to send to the special lady in your life are a fantastic way to say "I Love You" or maybe just  "Thank You" and will surely bring a huge smile to the lucky recipient.

Normally the rose has five petals although the Rosa Sericea has only four. There are over one hundred different species of the lovely rose and they come in many different colours, the most popular being red and this is mainly associated with love and roses for St Valentines day. The sending of a dozen red roses delivered to the address of your choice is a traditional gift on St Valentines day as is the sending of a single red rose delivered to the lovely lady in your life. Red and white roses delivered together is believed to signify unity, while red and yellow roses delivered together signifies happiness.

The many amazing colours of roses for delivery can have meanings that can be associated with your feelings towards the person who is receiving the gift. 

Red roses delivered are obviously associated with romantic love and beauty but can also signify courage, congratulations and respect.

The beautiful white rose signifies heavenly purity, silence and innocence and is often used at weddings.

Pink roses for delivery are sometimes associated with appreciation, admiration, gratitude, gentleness and grace.

Yellow roses for delivery can mean joy, friendship, delight, sweetness and admiration among others.

Delivery of roses that are orange in colour can mean enthusiasm and desire.

Blue roses delivered are associated with the impossible or unattainable!

Roses delivered without thorns can be synonymous with "Love at first sight"!

The delivery of roses that are black unfortunately are associated with farewell or death.


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