Key Ring Gifts

Key Ring Gifts make a great, but inexpensive, useful little present. They come in many different forms and some are very handy indeed, please check out our offers below. Compare them and get the best deals around.
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Key Ring Gifts in the UK


Just a humble little Key Ring? Not any more, this useful little gift has a multitude of other uses apart from just holding your keys. 

Several years ago some bright spark came up with the great idea of a Key Ring Torch and now this little gadget has been sold in the millions around the world and has often came to the rescue just when it was needed; just one of our real handy little key ring gifts
Also, now you can check if you are over the drink and drive limit and check your breath for alcohol with the Breathalyser Key Ring gift, which is a guide only. 
If you want to advertise something then your key ring can let others know what football team you may support, what country you are from, your name, your business name and hundreds of other things as well. These Personalised Key Rings are extremely popular and a really cost effective form of advertising. If you are looking for personalised gift ideas please check out our large selection of key ring gifts.
For golfers a handy gadget is the Golf Pocket Knife Key Ring, which makes a nice little gift indeed.
Have you ever been caught short of cash? Many of us have but it doesn't need to happen if you have a Cash Stash Key Ring. An ingenious little container on a key ring that can hold coins or notes! Could be a real asset just when you need it most. Just think about losing or mislaying your purse or wallet, a real nightmare! But if you have a twenty pound note inside your keyring then it might just be enough to save the day and get you home.
Ran out of matches or fuel for your lighter? Buy a key ring with a fully functional gas lighter inside. This ingenious little device will amaze your friends and can also be refilled for repeated usage.
Just a few of the many adaptations to this once humble little gadget.



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