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Try some enjoyable Latin and Ballroom Dancing lessons or even go Salsa Ballroom Dancing.


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Latin and Salsa Ballroom Dancing Experience Gifts.

Dancing is a really great way to enjoy yourself and keep very fit at the same time and there are lots of dancing experience gifts to choose from. Sometimes known as strictly come dancing gifts, these are really something very different to give to a friend or even your partner as maybe they need a bit of tuition and you can even go along to the dancing, join in and have a great time!

Latin Dancing: Latin dancing is much more energetic and sensual than most other types of ballroom dancing activities. This type of dancing experience gift has lots of fancy footwork and dramatic movements in the routines. This form of Latin ballroom dancing has become even more popular in the last twenty years or so, mainly due to the many fantastic movie dance scenes. Movies like Dirty Dancing, Strictly Ballroom and Dance with Me are just some of the box office smash hits that has turned millions into dance fans wanting to learn the great moves and dance like the film stars. The most popular dances are thought to have originated in Central and South America countries (Latin America) and there are five main types.

Cha Cha: This is a great dance to perform and to simply watch. A sassy and very energetic, Mambo-type of dance.

Rumba: The Rumba is quite easy to perfect and is sometimes known as the romantic "Dance of Love".

Jive: A form of the old "Jitterbug" and using country dance steps, the Jive is popular the world over and it can be learnt very quickly.

Samba: Another very fast and quite energetic dance from Brazil. The routines are hard to learn and involve jumps and turning but it is well worth the effort in the end. 

Paso Doble: Not as energetic as other forms of Latin ballroom dancing, this dance is more of a  "military style" with much jumping around. The name Paso Doble means "Two Step" in Spanish.

Salsa: Salsa ballroom dancing originated in Cuba and can sometimes be performed solo. It is normally split into five different "styles". Quite similar in ways to Latin ballroom dancing but even more vibrant and sensual.

Cuban Style:

Cali Salsa Style:

Los Angeles Style:

New York Style:

Rueda de Casino Style:

Give your friends a dinner, drinks and dancing experience gift that they won't ever forget. Buy extra tickets and go along for the fun!

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