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Personalised Fishing Gifts are a great little talking point when given to a loved one on a special occasion. Anglers just love their little gadgets and books to help them in their quest for the sometimes elusive and hard to catch fish. Please have a look at all of the fishing gift ideas we have on our website. 

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Fishing in the UK and Fishing Gift Ideas.

Fishing is the most popular participation sport in the world and there are over 3 million anglers in the UK, which means we all probably know someone who loves to go angling as a hobby. They all need kit for their sport and Greatest Gifts have some great fishing gift ideas and also books about fishing

There are three main types of angling in the UK; coarse, game and sea fishing. 

Coarse angling is the capture of mostly inedible fish like bream, pike and tench from freshwater rivers and lakes. These fish are usually returned safely to the water afterwards. In the UK this activity requires a "Rod Licence" to take part in what is the most popular type of angling around.

Game fishing is where the fish concerned are edible and when caught they are usually not returned to the water. The type of game fish would be salmon, sea trout etc

Sea fishing can be from a boat, the shoreline or a pier/jetty etc. You can catch mackerel, sea bass, mullet and many more marvellous fish.

Fly fishing is where an artificial 'fly' is used to catch the fish. This fly is cast using a rod, reel, and a weighted fishing line. Casting a very lightweight fly or 'lure' requires casting techniques and skills significantly different from other forms of casting for fish. Some fly fishermen use little hand-made flies that resemble natural insects or other food organisms, these are called 'lures' that are intended to provoke the fish to bite. This can be done in fresh water rivers and lakes or salt water.  In the UK, the distinction is between game fishing for trout or salmon and coarse fishing for other fish species. The techniques for good fly fishing also change with the habitat (small streams, lakes and ponds, large rivers, bays and estuaries and the open ocean).
Fishing is an extremely popular activity in the UK and we have lots of great value fishing gift ideas here at Almost everyone knows someone who goes fishing so why not treat them to a fantastic Fishing Experience Day on their next special occasion?

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So, you probably do know someone who goes angling as a hobby and they all love their kit and gadgets for fishing; so please check out our selection of fisherman gift ideas and personalised fishing gifts, compare the offers and save money.


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