Sweet Hamper Gift Ideas

Everyone loves sweets and many would be absolutely delighted to receive a whole hamper full of their favourite treats. We have loads of sweet hampers delivered to the address of your choice from leading UK retailers, just compare the great offers and choose the best sweet hamper online. You can get a really great value deal and save time and money as well. 

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Retro Tuck Box Sweetie Hamper

Maybe you want to compare cheap sweet hampers UK that hark back to years gone by and if that is the case then have a look at the Retro Tuck Box sweetie hampers, they are jam-packed with all the old favourites from today and years gone by. Here are just some of the lovely sweets that are inside this fabulous hamper:

Wham Bar, Candy Sticks, Fizzers, Refresher Chews, Drumstick Lollies, Mini Love Hearts, Sherbet Dip, Flying Saucers, Rainbow Drops, Jelly Babies, Parma Violets, Super Shrimps, Kola Cubes and many more delicious treats from years gone by.

These Retro sweet hampers are really great for any occasion such as birthdays, Valentines Day, Wedding Gifts, Anniversary Gifts , and have so much inside that sharing is so easy.

Personalised Sweet Hampers

A great version is the personalised cheeky monkey sweet hamper that has plenty of old favourite sweets and treats as well as a lovely little cuddly toy to keep. This fantastic personalised sweet hamper will carry a loving message of your choice to make this gift even more special.

 Imagine a whole hamper stuffed with your favourite sweets and add a colourful label with a person's name and you have a fantastic personalised sweet hamper to delight some really lucky person on any special occasion such as Christmas or Valentine's Day etc. And please don't forget your lovely Mum and Dad on their special days and buy them personalised sweet hampers UK for Fathers Day and Mothers Day; and if they share them out then get them some more sweets again on their birthdays! 


Build Your Own Sweets Hamper

Build Your Own Sweet Hamper is a fantastic idea. It means that you can choose the exact sweets and treats that your friend or loved one truly loves, meaning that they will get a gift that they are sure to love! You can choose to have either a sweet hamper , sweet box, mega hamper or a deluxe Hamper simply choose which you prefer then get adding those treats! There are 56 sweet types to choose from including midget gems, pink and whit hearts,strawberry laces,jelly babies, milk bottles and loads more!


Love Sweets Hamper

Theres no better  way to show your love than with the I Love Sweets Hamper.The Love Sweets Hamper  contains 18 different types of retro sweets ranging from Fruit Salads to Love Hearts and loads more classic favourites!The solid wooden heart tray is filled to the brim with all the well known classics and makes a truly beautiful gift.



Same Day Delivery Sweet Hampers have become so popular for those last minute gifts. There are so may to choose from and they are suited to most special occasions. Choose from a tear and share sweet hamper, retro tuck box sweet hamper,or maybe a love sweet hamper! A great 21st birthday gift would be the very popular 21st Birthday Retro Sweet Hamper, and for any of you that love haribo we have the ultimate Haribo sweet hamper!

Sweet Hampers Delivered to Your Door with

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