Top 4 Christmas Gifts For Kids

Top 4 Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

1. Personalised Money Boxes For Kids- This is one of the most popular Christmas Presents For Kids. It's a great Traditional Gift loved by both parents and children alike. There are so many different designs to choose from meaning it's a great Christmas Gift for girls and also a fab Xmas Present for little boys too. One great thing is that many Money Boxes can be personalised not only with the Child's name but also with a little message. This way they can look back and remember whom their special gift was from. Another great idea when giving a Money Box Gift is maybe to add a few coins, that way the children can start saving straight away!  Designs include the adorable Silver Plated Ranges such as Fire Engines, Helicopter Money Boxes, Tractor and Trailer Personalised Money Boxes. You could also opt for the ceramic range, which includes a delightful Ceramic Personalised Pirate Money Box or maybe a pretty Personalised Princess Money Box. Lets not forgot the Personalised Piggy Banks! Piggy Banks are an all time favourite Christmas Present For Children. Choose from Blue or pink, Construction Themed Piggy Banks for Boys or maybe a delightful Butterfly Piggy Bank For Girls. One of the most popular Piggy Banks for Kids is the nifty Digital piggy Bank, which actually counts as the child saves, this way they can see how good they are doing!!

2. Personalised Story Books – Another Top Christmas Gift Idea for Children are books, and becoming ever more popular are Personalised Storybooks! Within these books the Child's name is included throughout the story and in some cases friends and family members names can be included too! This is a great Christmas Gift Idea For Girls as there are many different themes, which are sure to suit any little girls taste. One popular choice in Personalised Story Books is that of the Disney Princess range! Make your child part of this amazing Fairy tale story. Let her join Aerial, Cinderella and their friends on some amazing adventures. This is an Xmas Present For Kids that is loved by them but also by parents. It is versatile as it is fun, personal, unique but also educational, it is also a great priced Christmas Gift and comes with great speedy delivery! Personalised Story Books for boys are a very popular gift at the moment. Choosing a Christmas Present for  boys can be tricky but a Personalised Story Book is a sure fired winner! There are so many different stories to choose from. One popular title is The Spiderman Personalised Book. Let a lucky join in with Spiderman's great adventures.

Personalised Space Story Book


3 Children's Favourite Characters- Kids just love their characters, whether they are from the movies, cartoon characters or a computer game, each child has their favourite. One of the most popular characters loved by both boys and girls is Mario from Super Mario Brothers! The range of Mario Gifts For Christmas is huge! Choose from Mario Wallets, or maybe a cool Mario Brothers Watch. One of the most popular Mario Toys is that of the Super Mario Mini Figures which includes Mario in different positions and different outfits. This is a great Christmas Gift For Kids and one that they will just love to open on Christmas Morning. Maybe your child or a niece or nephew loves Peppa Pig. She is a much-loved Television cartoon character that is one of the top selling Character Gifts at Christmas Time. The range of Peppa Pig products is huge and includes Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Baby George and many more! Another character which tops the list at Christmas Time is the old time favourite Scooby Doo!! This show has been around for generations and is loved as much today as all those years ago when it first started. This makes a great Christmas gift for Girls and is an ideal Xmas gift For Boys. Christmas Gift Ideas include Scooby Doo character Boxes, Scooby Doo Stationary Sets, Scooby Doo Key rings and so much more. So if you are stuck For Christmas Gift Ideas for kids have a browse through some Children's Character Gifts and you are sure to find that ideal present for Kids This Christmas. Other Popular Characters For Christmas include, Barbie, Sonic the hedgehog, Moshi Monsters, Bat Man and Star Wars!

Super Mario Bros. Nintendo Mascot Clip - Mario

4. Slippers -Yes we all remember it. Opening up our brand new slippers on Christmas Morning was such a tradition, but also such a treat. It is a lovely feeling to laze about on Xmas Day with your brand new comfy slippers on to keep your toes toasty warm. The must have slippers for Christmas 2013 are the new range of footwear called STOMPEEZ! These slippers are all the rage with kids at the moment, and it is sure to be on most Boys and Girls Christmas List for this coming Festive season. The designs are great fun and are suited to both Boys and Girls; choose from Stompeez Growling Dragon Slippers or maybe Stompeez Perky Pink Slippers. This will be a much-loved Christmas Gift for kids!

Stompeez Perky Pink Puppy Slippers - Extra Small Xspink

These are just the top 4 Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids. However, we have a huge range of Cheap Xmas Gifts For Kids to choose from in our Christmas Gifts For Kids section and even more choice on our Toy Store. Have a browse today, use our search bar to find the product you are looking for by simply entering a keyword, and find that ideal Christmas Present for Children.