Rasul Mud Treatment

Rasul Mud Treatment (also known as Rhassoul) is an ancient Arabic cleansing ritual that uses mineral-rich mud, steam and heat. It has recently become a very popular spa treatment in the UK. Rasul mud treatments are thought to be a great way for anyone to unwind, as well as helping to target specific conditions.

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rasul mud treatment in a luxury spa is probably something you have never experienced. However, it does come recommended as a fantastic way to relax and unwind. The idea of bathing in mud may not be at first appealing, however this natural treatment can aid your circulation, ease aching muscles and also moisturise and cleanse the skin.

Rasul mud therapy has been customary in the Arab world for hundreds of years. Fortunately for us they are now becoming even more popular in the UK.


The Stages of a Rasul Treatment.


The first part of a Rasul mud treatment is to apply the special Chakra Mud's to specific areas of the body. Next just relax in the herb-infused steam, letting the cleansing mud's detoxify your skin.


After the steam stage, the next stage in the rasul spa treatment is a shower. You can wash all your worries away as the water relieves the stresses of everyday life. The mud gently falls away from your body leaving you with radiant skin that feels revitalised and refreshed. It has been proven that it is, in fact, the steam that removes these toxins whilst the mud allows the special moisturising minerals to infuse into your skin.

Who is a Rasul Treatment suitable for?

The great cleansing properties within many of the mud treatments may help to alleviate many skin conditions, kidney problems, stomach troubles and some muscle pain. In a lot of cases it has been proven to improve circulation, and as with many relaxing treatments is particularly beneficial for those suffering from stress and anxiety issues.

Rasul Herbal Steam Temple

By combining the benefits of steam and mud in the specially designed rasul mud chamber, your tired skin will be left feeling fantastic while the special minerals soothe away any aches and pain.

Rasul Mud Wraps

Warm mud is a good way to cleanse the skin and relax those tired and aching muscles. During the treatment your body will be covered in a specially prepared warm mud paste, then you are left to lie and relax for around 15 minutes.

Rasul Mud Treatment and Deep massage.

Here you will be smothered in a rich mud – famous for its healing properties! Let the mud replenish your skin leaving you feeling fabulous. When the mud treatment is over, an hour-long Elemis Deep Tissue Massage will to help you relax even more.



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