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Are you looking for some great value Personalised Lunch Boxes for Kids? We have lots of different products for you to compare prices and get the best deal. We have Personalised Lunch Boxes for Girls and Personalised Lunch Boxes for Boys. 

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Personalised Lunch Boxes for Kids


Parents spend a lot of time and effort getting the right food inside their kids lunch boxes and a great way to keep the kids interested in what is inside is to have a great design on the outside! Personalised lunch boxes for boys and girls are a fantastic idea to let your child be proud of their own little lunch box and it's contents. Why not ask their opinion first of what they would actually want as a design for the kids lunch box before ordering? You might be surprised at what they really think is "cool". We have Personalised Lunch Boxes for Girls and Personalised Lunch Boxes for Boys. Choose from a super range including fantastic Dora The Explorer and Disney's Toy Story lunch boxes! Some of the most popular personalised lunch boxes for kids are:

Disney Fairies Personalised Lunch Bag or Box:

One for the girls. Tinkerbell and friends on the front and your child's name on the reverse or side. This is a beautiful personalised kids lunch bag or box and most little girls will be absolutely delighted with it.

Disney Toy Story Personalised Lunch Box: 

Woody the cowboy and Buzz Lightyear are great characters to adorn a kids personalised lunch box and will definitely brighten up any dull lunch bag or box.

Dora the Explorer Personalised Lunch Box: 

That great little adventurer, Dora the Explorer, is a very popular kid's TV character and she always eats healthy food so hopefully your little child will be delighted to eat whatever is inside this kid's personalised lunch box.

Rocketship Personalised Lunch Box: 

Lots of young children show an interest in outer space and the Rocketship kids personalised lunchbox is a really great value item from our range of children's lunch boxes. Planets, stars and spaceships adorn the front alongside the name of your child on the front and the back.

Disney Princesses Personalised Lunch Bag or Box:

Another great item for the little girls. Beautiful Disney princesses adorn the front of these lovely personalised lunch boxes for girls. If you have two little girls then why not get one the Disney Princess bag and the other one the Disney Fairies bag or lunch box?

Choose from a super range including fantastic Dora The Explorer and Disney's Toy Story lunch boxes!

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