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Personalised Money Boxes for Children.

There are so many occasions where a money box would make a fantastic, useful gift and a lovely financial reminder of who the lovely present actually came from. Every time the child inserts their precious coins into the little slot hopefully they will be reminded of the person who gave them the personalised money box gift in the first place.

1. New Baby Money Box.

This is the first time most children get a personalised money box and a lovely personal message can make all the difference. Inscriptions such as "It's a boy" are popular at this time.

2. Christening Money Box.

Another lovely occasion for kids money box gifts. Some of the more decorative ones are really very artistic and beautiful. Sometimes Godparents will use this special time to give the child a personalised christening money box as a beautiful gift. Inscriptions like, "To our lovely Goddaughter" are used quite often.

3. Baptism or Communion Money Box.

Child's first Holy Communion is a memorable occasion and is often marked with personalised money boxes.

4. Birthday Money Box.

Lots of personalised money boxes for children are handed out on birthdays and parents love these as they teach the child to save money.

5. First Day at School Money Box.

First day at nursery or school would be another special and memorable occasion that merits the giving of gifts and if it's a personalised piggy bank with a loving message it can even help the child with reading as they get older.

6. Wedding Money Box.

Bridesmaids, Page Boys and Flower Girls are just some of the deserving children who get great gifts on the big wedding day. The inscriptions can be formal or informal and sometimes the lucky child will find money inside the box as a welcome start to their savings.

7. Christmas Money Box.

This time of year is a really good target for kids to save towards and one where they are normally quite keen and willing to put money aside. They might be saving towards presents for relatives or they may even get a kids personalised money box on the big day itself. If they do get a personalised money box gift on Christmas Day there will be the chance of some cash being around to start them off with their savings. 

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